NSK® Style Couplings

Browse B.A. International’s own brand NSK® compatible couplings – models available with or without light or LED, Midwest or Borden fittings. These quick connect NSK couplers make it easy for you to quickly attach or detach your NSK style high-speed handpiece to and from your dental chair. Non-optic versions available in the Optima range; for fibre-optics or LED variants browse through to our Ultimate range.

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  1. BA Optima, BA365B

    BA Optima, BA365B


    1 year

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  2. BA Optima, BA365M

    BA Optima, BA365M

    BA365M, NSK Fitting, Midwest Coupling

    1 year

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  3. BA Ultimate, BA565LED

    BA Ultimate, BA565LED

    BA565, LED light, NSK coupling (PTLCL)

    1 Year

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  4. BA565 Coupling

    BA565 Coupling

    BA565, with Light, NSK coupling (PTLCL) - for use with all standardised turbine tubing.

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