Optima EOS350

High power extra-oral suction unit, with intelligent airflow dynamics

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Ultimate Power+

Shop our premium range handpieces – turbines, speed increasers and other contra-angles

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Ultimate Power+ BA200LTS

Ultimate Power+ BA200LTS, 1:5 red band contra-angle, quadruple spray, with light

£889.00 £659.00 (ex VAT)

Ultimate BA695LK

Ultimate BA695LK, KaVo® fitting turbine, standard head size, with light

£659.00 £479.00 (ex VAT)

Ultimate EM420

Ultimate EM420 electric micromotor kit with LED and internal spray

£995.00 (ex VAT)

ULTIseal BASE740

ULTIseal BASE740 heatsealer for continuous cycle processing.

£599.00 (ex VAT)

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