Dental Handpiece Repairs

For over 25 years, B.A. International has been at the forefront of the handpiece repair business.

B.A. International was established in 1989 as a handpiece repair company, based in Northampton, U.K.

Over the years, B.A. has grown to be one of the most trusted services in the industry and has been providing handpiece repair services to dentists across the country since it was founded. With its manufacturer and ISO 13485 accreditation, and high quality at affordable prices, it surpasses expectations in what a repair company can offer.

B.A. International also has repair operations across Europe and Asia and continues to expand internationally, offering fast and reliable servicing of many makes and models of dental devices, as well as technical advice and support to their customers.

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What we can offer

  • Fast turnaround service on dental handpiece repairs
  • In-depth fault diagnostics
  • Restoration of handpieces to specification
  • Usage of premium ceramic bearings
  • Quality control
  • Factory trained technicians

We also offer

  • Additional small equipment repair service
  • Pick-up service for your small equipment items (UK)
  • Technical advice

Your benefits

  • EN ISO 13485 accreditation – peace of mind for you
  • Fast turnaround and free advice
  • Warranties of up to 12 months on parts replaced
  • High quality at low prices

Frequently asked questions

  • Please contact your local repair centre for shipping options available to you.

  • Please fill in details of your practice and as much information as you can about the handpiece and its fault. You may also provide us with a complimentary slip with the details and include it in the package with your handpieces. Additionally, there are tick boxes where you can opt for an immediate repair, or for a free quotation. Most importantly, please don’t forget to fill out and sign the decontamination declaration on the back of the repair bag/form.

  • Costs will vary depending on the fault and the work needed to be done – our technicians will assess the fault upon receipt of your handpiece. We offer a free, no-obligation quote as well.

  • At most repair centres, providing all necessary parts are in stock, we offer a 24-hour turnaround on handpiece repairs, subject to quotation approval. Please check with your local repair centre.

  • Usually your handpiece arrives with us within a few days. Once received, our technicians assess the fault and either call you with a quotation for work or carry out the repair immediately if you have requested us to do so.

  • Yes, there is a charge to return your handpieces (repaired or unrepaired) via courier to ensure a safe delivery back to you.

  • Some repair centres offer an additional small equipment repair service which covers many makes and models of small equipment products. If you are unsure about whether we repair your particular item, please send us an email with the details of your product or give us a call.

  • Please contact your local repair centre to find out whether your small equipment product can be repaired and the shipping options available to you.