Handpiece Maintenance Tips

High-speed turbine, contra-angle and straight handpiece care and maintenance guide.


Make sure you are wearing adequate protective clothing prior to cleaning.

Remove the handpiece from the coupling (or motor, if a contra-angle) and remove the bur or instrument whilst wearing gloves.

Remove organic material with a paper towel or tissue.

Manual cleaning

Clean the external body of the instrument under cool running water.

We recommend you use cool running water using a dedicated brush. The water must not exceed 38°C and be of at least drinking quality.

Never clean in an ultrasonic bath!

Automated processing in a DAC is preferable over manual cleaning. If you have a thermal washer disinfector, then please refer to your handpiece manual prior to placing handpieces in the TWD.


Wipe the body of the handpiece with an appropriate disinfectant wipe.

Do not submerge in a disinfectant solution.

Lubrication and internal cleansing

Shake the handpiece maintenance spray can vigorously.

Connect the appropriate nozzle for the handpiece to the oil canister.

Holding the can upright, insert the nozzle into the base of the handpiece.

Spray for 1-2 seconds into a tissue covering the handpiece head (or until the excess oil being blown into the tissue runs clean). Wipe off any excess surface oil with a dry tissue.

In order to preserve the function of the chuck system, the collet chuck should be lubricated regularly by spraying lubricant directly into the collet.


Put the handpieces into the autoclave. Select the correct cycle. Do not use a drying cycle in a non vacuum autoclave.

CAUTION! Do not subject quick couplings to sterilisation! As soon as the sterilisation cycle has finished, remove the handpieces from the autoclave.


For storage, you may wish to use the BA Ultiseal for easy bagging of your instruments.