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B.A.’s New Endodontic Motor – Optima E+ BAE380R

At B.A. International, we continually look to expand our product ranges, from handpieces to specialist small equipment. This year we are excited to launch a new endodontic motor, the Optima E+  BAE380R, available from February 2022.

Theresa Haworth

Inbuilt apex locator and reciprocation feature

This motor’s most notable feature, which sets it apart from our previous endodontic motors, is the inbuilt apex locator. This tool provides integrated length determination, real-time display of file location in the canal and automatic or auto-stop functions for when the file reaches the apical stop to prevent perforation.

The unit can also work as a standalone apex locator using its EAL setting (in which the motor does not run), which is easily selected via the motor’s simple control system.

Having an inbuilt apex locator can also reduce operation time, as you don’t need to switch between devices.

A reciprocation feature is available using the BAE380R’s “SGP” or “Safety Glide Path” mode. Here, the angles can be adjusted, whereby the forward angle must be equal to the reverse angle. The adjustment range is from 20° – 340°  at 10° intervals.

Reciprocation allows the dentist greater flexibility in endodontic procedures and has been used extensively in endodontics for many years.

Brushless motor – quiet and smooth operation

The BAE380R is a brushless motor. This makes it not only more cost effective, but more importantly provides low noise levels (starting at maximum 38.5db, average 37.2db for 300RPM), ensuring improved patient comfort. This makes the motor one of the quietest currently on the market.

The brushless motor also improves cutting efficiency and reduces risk of instrument separation.

Inbuilt endo system presets

The unit has 32 inbuilt endo system presets, including EdgeEndo and other mainstream systems. These presets can be adjusted within themselves aswell (speed & torque), allowing the dentist greater flexibility to cater the settings to his individual needs. There are 10 customizable memory programs for the user to save their presets for future easy access, without the need to re-program them with every use.


When you are looking for the ideal endodontic motor, one of the main differentiations is the accuracy of the unit. Having done extensive testing, we are delighted that the BAE380R can claim to be one of the most accurate for the set speed and torque.


Mini contra-angle with 360° rotation

The 6:1 mini contra-angle head of the BAE380R has an 8mm diameter and 9.7m height, allowing for greater visibility during operation and easier preparation of posterior teeth. This is also ideal for working under a microscope. It also is rotatable by 360° for superior flexibility during procedures.


Other features to note

The BAE380R has several other features that make the product a must-have for the practice. A strong and stable torque output improves efficiency in root canal preparation, while its auto start and auto stop functions enable the motor to start automatically when the file enters the canal, and stop when it is removed.

Other operation modes include an Adaptive Torque Reverse, meaning the file starts to rotate forward and reverse alternately once the load of the file exceeds the set torque limit, as well as special modes for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

Its front centre-of-gravity make the unit easy to handle, and it even has an option to select dominant hand used, making it ideal for both right handed and left handed dentists. The OLED display is easy to read and the control system is simple to use.

Charging is wireless, and you can be sure of a long battery life with its 2000mAh lithium battery. The unit will automatically shut down after a period of not being used (this is also customizable via the configuration menu), further expanding the battery lifespan.


A high performance endodontic motor

Overall, the Optima E+ is a high performance endodontic motor packed with many great features that set it apart from similar devices on the market, from its inbuilt apex locator to the brushless motor and super mini contra-angle head. If you are looking for higher efficiency in an endodontic motor while maximising patient comfort, this may be the product for you.

To place an order (UK) or to view full product information, visit the product page here: Optima E+ BAE380R

For more information, please contact our Sales team on 01604 777700 or sales@bainternational.com, or your local distributor, and the team will be happy to assist.

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