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Aerosol Mitigation & Air Management

Theresa Haworth

Aerosol mitigation with speed increasing contra-angles – B.A. International

As infection control continues to be a popular topic, along with AGP (aerosol generating procedures), more questions are being asked how to reduce aerosol spatter – and therefore reduce risk of virus particle transmission – in the surgery.
Handpieces generate a visible spray that contains large particle droplets of water, saliva, blood, microorganisms and other debris. This spatter travels a short distance and settles out quickly, landing on nearby surfaces such as the floor, operatory surfaces or the patient.
In order to reduce aerosol spatter, consider using an electric motor with red band contra-angles, as these generate less aerosols than high-speed turbines, as they run at a lower RPM, and generally benefit from internal anti-retraction systems.
If you don’t have the benefits of an electric motor, a cost-effective solution may be a ‘plug and play’ electric micromotor which connects directly to your delivery system. B.A. International’s Ultimate EM420 is an example of such a motor. The motor has a speed range of 1000-40000 RPM, internal spray and LED. Brushless motor technology ensures a longer life cycle. You can set your desired speed at the control box and program it in using one of the two memory functions. No technician is required to install this motor.
There are a range of handpieces that are compatible with electric motors. B.A. offers, among others, red band contra-angles which are perfectly suited to the micromotor. The top range Ultimate Power+ BA200LTS boasts highly durable DLC coated bearings and a titanium body. The mid range BA250LT has ceramic bearings and a titanium body with a PVD “smart coat”. Both have fibre-optics.
Bundle deals with the motor and one red band contra-angle (BA200LTS or BA250LT) are currently available from B.A. International, starting from as little as £899+VAT*.
(*Prices accurate as of November 2021. Subject to change).


What are the benefits of using speed increasing contra-angles?

In addition to helping reduce aerosols during procedures, red band speed increasers have a number of other benefits over high speed turbines. These include a higher efficiency at cutting various materials including machinable glass ceramic and silver amalgam, a constant torque (no loss of power) which is compensated by the electric motor, a smaller head diameter which allows for greater visibility of the treatment area, and a quieter operating noise which is more comfortable for the patient. B.A. International contra-angles have an ergonomic design for better grip and are durable.

Air management solutions from B.A. International

As well as speed increasing contra-angles, B.A. International offers solutions for air management.

The Optima EOS350 is an extra-oral suction unit designed to capture aerosols and airborne droplets generated during dental procedures. A HEPA14 filtration system traps particles ≥ 0.3micron, while double UVC lamps inactivate viruses and bacteria that are trapped by the filter. The unit is easily wheeled between surgeries using its ergonomically located pull handles and is easy to clean. Other features of the unit include a quiet operation at 58db (air cond. volume) and an intelligent control panel with digital indicator for ease of use.

Together with a switch to speed increasing contra-angles, this can help mitigate the risk around aerosol generation.

In addition, B.A. is now combining its offering with the Hextio and VK-401 units from Radic8’s “Viruskiller” air decontamination systems for dental practices. These units are proven to purify air in a space and deactivate many types of virus in a single air pass.

The Hextio is a small, portable unit designed for small spaces such as on a desk in an office or reception area. It is suitable for rooms of up to 20sqm and has an airflow capability of 12-20 CFM. No specific installation is required, simply plug the unit in and it is ready to go!

The VK-401 is a unit designed for larger rooms and spaces up to 60m2 with an airflow capability of 70-141 CFM. It is free standing or can be wall mounted to save space. Running costs are low and installation and maintenance are simple. Its high power UV-C reactor chamber deactivates pathogens that would normally pass through traditional filters.

For more information on B.A.’s products or services, please contact us on 01604 777700 or info@bainternational.com and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.

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