Did you know?

We recently launched a range of new slow speed handpieces within our popular Optima range, perfectly suited for general, all-round use.

Optima handpieces

With their easy to clean construction, the handpieces allow for more thorough cleaning, resulting in more efficient levels of maintenance and hygiene. The stylish, sleek design makes the handpieces easy to handle while still offering secure grip.

The push button bur release mechanisms on the 1:1 BA45E and 4:1 BA66E allow easy bur insertion and removal with one touch of the button.

And of course, as with all our handpieces, the new Optimas are all autoclavable.

The handpiece range:

BA45E: 1:1 contra-angle, push button

BA65E: 4:1 contra-angle, screw-in

BA66E: 4:1 contra-angle, push button

BA175E: 1:1 straight

BA25E: 1:1 contra-angle, latch type (available soon)

Visit our website's product listing to browse the handpieces and enjoy our introductory offers (UK/RoI only) on the BA45E and BA175E - a super saving on these high quality all-rounders.

UK & RoI: https://www.bainternational.co.uk/products/general-dentistry/contra-angel-straight-handpieces/optima.html

International: https://www.bainternational.com/products/general-dentistry/contra-angel-straight-handpieces/optima.html