Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Here at B.A. International, we want to make sure your practice is always equipped with all the accessories it needs. B.A. offers a range of 'bits and pieces': o-rings, washers and adaptors of all descriptions, sizes and applications. Shop our collection of spare parts today!

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  1. O-rings - NSK® couplings

    O-rings - NSK® couplings

    O-ring kit for NSK® type couplings.

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  2. O-rings - KaVo® couplings

    O-rings - KaVo® couplings

    O-ring kit for KaVo® type couplings.

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  3. Adaptor - Midwest tubing to Borden handpieces

    Adaptor - Midwest tubing to Borden handpieces

    Adaptor to connect your Borden fitting handpiece to your Midwest tubing.

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