Optima EOS 350 - Extra-Oral Suction Unit

B.A. International’s high power extra-oral suction system is designed to effectively capture droplets and airborne aerosols produced from dental treatments while ensuring patient comfort. Its HEPA 14 filtration and ultraviolet disinfectant systems also will efficiently purify air in enclosed clinics.

Power Plus


- Ultra strong suction power: with a volume of suction of up to 3,000 L/min, the Optima EOS 350 effectlively captures droplets and aerosols produced from dental treatments.

- Adjustable suction power levels between 1 and 10

- Intelligent airflow dynamics: exhaust air is released via a rear mounted air vent at the top of the system, which prevents blow-up of any dust particles or contaminants from the floor.

- HEPA 14 filtration system: the HEPA filter traps 99.995% of particles ≥ 0.3micron.

- Ultraviolet disinfectant system: The double UVC lamps positioned before the HEPA filter inactivates viruses and bacteria that are trapped by the filter.

- Lightweight design, unit on wheels with pull handles - easy to move between surgeries

Click here to have a browse of our Optima EOS350 brochure for more information and unit specification!